May 14
From The Wall Street Journal, another article on the rising price of gold that refers to it as a possible alternative currency. Whereas gold of course has little chance of being used as a complemetary local currency, could it replace the Dollar as the world's primary reserve currency, even by default? Time will tell...
Spot Gold Sets New Record Wall Street Journal "It is now acting as an alternative currency." Recently, spot gold has been bought at the same time as the euro has been sold, said Dennis Gartman of the ... and more »
May 13

In the present economic climate, more and more people are questioning the present financial system, especially the way currencies are used and traded. has been set up to provide news and information on alternative currencies. What are they? Where are they used? How can they benefit the people, groups and organisations that set them up and use them?

If you’re interested in alternative currencies, keep coming back to see what we’re posting!

May 12

Euro Crisis Fueling Gold`s Rise as Key Currency
Amid the jitters, the Chinese yuan has emerged as an alternative currency. “In the wake of the Greek crisis, important conditions for the euro to become a ...

May 12

Yellow Springs News

TimeBank is timely in economy
Yellow Springs News
Part alternative currency and part community service model, TimeBanking works like this: members of the TimeBank list services they are willing to offer in ...

May 12

The L Magazine

DIY Money: It's Legal, It's Fair and It's on Its Way to Brooklyn
The L Magazine
... the idea of a legitimately functioning "complementary currency" (aka "local currency," "community currency," or "alternative currency") is nothing new. ...

May 06

Gold 1.9% higher on alternative currency appeal
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Gold settled 1.9% higher on Thursday, fully regaining its status as alternative currency as concerns about a potential ...

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